Marvelled Tales

by Navoi

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The album Marvelled Tales is a collection of songs written during the summer of 2012 by Garry Ferrier. These songs tell the story of the thoughts and subjects I have been wrestling with over the past few years. It has a natural, organic sound that reflects the vulnerability portrayed through the lyrics.


released February 17, 2015

Produced by Garry Ferrier
All songs written by Garry Ferrier
Recorded by Garry Ferrier between January - December 2013 at Lofi Studios
Mixed by Garry Ferrier
Except Kingdom Of Pride mixed by Iain Hutchison
Mastered by Iain Hutchison at Glo-worm Recording
Vocals, BVs, guitars, and samples by Garry Ferrier
Drums and percussion by Mark Scobbie
Electric bass and upright bass by Gus Stirrat
Keys by Alanna McCaig
Trumpet by Alex Sharples
Trombone by Alister More
Cello by David Munn
Violin by Laura Wilkie
Additional BVs by Luke Angus, Richard Morrison and Ben Arant
Artwork and package design by Luke Angus



all rights reserved


Navoi Inverness, UK

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Track Name: By Yonder Loch
On the banks of solitude and mystery I find myself wholly incomplete
Legends old that lie beneath the fallen leaves are stories known by few and long since told

Barren rock and mountain heights remind me how I thought when I was but a child
Back when I would reach and climb without the fear I seldom escape from now

By yonder loch I lift my eyes
To the hills my help is with me still

Broken bridges my deliverance from past I'd rather have left behind
Unspoken wishes hide resilience of heart in crevasses of my mind

But time is still on my side
My eyes were deceived
In the past I'll no longer abide
My sight I've received

By yonder loch I lift my eyes
To the hills my help is with me still
I'll cast off all that snares and bind that which hinders
And I'll take to my feet and run with endurance
Track Name: Sense In Adolescence
Safety what are you to me?
A necktie of ignorance mistaken for diligence
Security all set on secluding me
The bridges I'm building are walls separating

How can I possibly believe (what they tell me)
I'm supposed to be (when after)
Just few adolescent years
the lack of joy it brings has become clear

Danger what have I to fear?
To release suffocation, a first chance for freedom
Adventure what can you offer me?
Surely mindless dictation is prime inspiration

When you long for your heritage to be true
But the words of your fathers' are heresy to you
The hour has come to start this life anew
An eternal path you're being called to
Track Name: Kingdom Of Pride
I look down and see the world through privileged eyes, privileged eyes
The plague that mars the ground below won't reach my height, reach my height
But the closer I look the less clearly I see
What an honest man's life is meant to be

I spend my time thinking about what I have not, what I've not
Rather than modelling contentment with what I have, what I've got
But the more fiercely I strive the more certain I'll fall short
And the further I am from the joy I sought

An innate pride has always been with me
But the flaw I find just cannot let me be
When we're living fine we think we've got it right
But our hearts will tell us something different

Since the fall of man only one prevails
Track Name: Marvelled Tales
Peering round the crowd of smiling faces and feel alone
All the friends, acquaintances that gather in my home
Telling marvelled tales of small talk I appear
Interested but heaven forbid they hear what’s being said
In my own head, in my own head, on my own

Well the nights I don’t remember are the best of all
No consequences when the next day won’t recall
I long for lands abroad
And tales in foreign tongue
Where tribe and nation
Honour our time beneath the sun
And can this be found? And can this be found?
A land as this

I wander through the fields of corn
Not a soul for miles around
A panorama of land and sky
That such beauty would befall my eyes

I reach out my arms and take it in
And thank the author of all I see
For painting the most perfect scene
Brushstrokes revealing majesty
Track Name: Patient
Your eyes fail to hide the way you see me
Only one so patient would stay to console
Rather than turning round to flee

Words of a kind heart still me to ease
Finally emerges a still humbled voice
And I’m enabled to speak

I’m convinced of what is right but I do wrong
Though I don’t cease to try
For so long no matter how I strive
My spirit tells of good that I should do
But I run as swift as I can go
Under the sun much farther than I’ve known

Outpoured frustration of one’s soul laid bare
Calming a gracious a smile that empowers
And arms that handle with care
Heartfelt and genuine the tears grip your cheek
Released from burdens borne for too long
At last this prisoner is free

But the root goes deeper than words
And the cure does not lie with me
My battle - the time on earth
‘Till with my father I go to be
Track Name: From The Ashes
Like the dimming glow in a lion’s eyes
Whose enclosure holds his captive soul in torment
So the fire cools within my heart
The embers drift on with the wind
I lie dormant

My soul faints
Flames fade away
The light grows dim
Dark awaits me

If the desert won’t retain its heat
The evening surely brings the cold I temper
The icy world has taken toll
The morning dew is frosted through as December

I will rise from the ashes on the ground
And I won’t let these demons in and get me down
Track Name: Reason Still
This humble labouring crofter that harvests pride within
Is not worth the endless praise you insist to heap on him

But you seem to make an art
To instill within his heart
Words his arrogance preserves
And words he does not deserve

The mighty spartan strides and girds his breastplate strong
But beneath a trembling child withstands the burden of it all

But you find reason still
To in his heart instill
Words his arrogance preserves
And words he does not deserve

So just a peaceful traveller I may seem
But inside a battle rages
So tether me down and throw away the key
To end my aimless wandering
Track Name: The Kite
The kite it caught the wind
And swept us up into the sky
The fright coursed through our veins
But we felt no shame that we could fly

The sand between our toes
As we comb the shore alone at night
Your hand enclosed in mine
But its your soul that holds me tight

We don’t need others round
Its just for us
There’s wonder to be found
In only simple love

The kite its perched above
And all the world is in its sight
The breeze blows in its wings
And with talons strong it takes to flight

We have not rested our heads in weeks
And our souls have not yet grown weak
I know my promise to you I’ll keep
Because we’re free, we are free